Winds Of Freedom

by Ross Mayhew



Winds Of Freedom a single by Ross Mayhew.

The song is 12 verses long and comes in at the 6 minute mark and is call for freedom and unity of all life on earth.


the winds of freedom are blowing along
blowing for the weak and the strong
for those locked in chains, those caught in the game
the winds of freedom are blowing for you

falling rain, pain and money kings
will dampen you, distract you from your dreams
take a step and be all the things you wanna be
the winds of freedom are blowing for you

i hear the wind a-whistlin' down the street
past the poor and rich shuffles of feet
moneys not equally shared, it's causing despair
the winds of freedom will set things right

it's not just for mankind that they blow
the animals they hear it so
soon they'll be free, treated equally
the winds will bring freedom to them

wars are fought because of lies and fear
your enemies are the same as people here
don't let your soul be damned, reach out with your hand
the winds of freedom blow for them and you

people worry about all kinds of things
like death, romance and all sort of trivial things
the trick is to be in the moment that you see
the winds of freedom free your mind

there's a kind of magic in an hour
how it holds all but nothing in it's power
it's not a race to the end, take it easy my friend
the winds of freedom are blowing for you

for those feeling trapped by a church or temple
the winds will give you the strength to be able
to live a life that's free, don't worry about where you'll be
we're all heading down the same old road

nobody should feel fear or pain
especially from another that's just insane
black, white, gay or straight, what difference does it make?
the winds of freedom are here for us all

the winds are blowing both far and near
i sense a change coming in the air
people's minds will be free, then they'll come to see
just how good-a world we can have

the winds will wake people from sleep
make them see their dreams can be achieved
we don't need any more war, we gotta help the poor
the poor unfortunate souls in the world

the winds of freedom are blowing for you
it's up to you which path you choose
you can live a life of regret or take a step
and live on the freedom of the wind


released July 29, 2013
Engineer Duncan Chave
Mixed by Duncan Chave and Ross Mayhew
Words and Music by Ross Mayhew
Artwork by Harry Mayhew and Ross Mayhew
© 2013 Leaburn Records



all rights reserved


Ross Mayhew Devon, UK

Singer/songwriter from the South West of England.

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