Talkin' Vegan Blues (2015)

from Vegan #7 by Ross Mayhew



well i woke up with the vegan blue
'cos the animals are being killed for clothes and food
they are being starved and slaved
because as man we have no shame

for every creature upon the earth
has the right to be free
to live and die by the natural laws
not because a man draws his sword

you might look at me as a preacher boy
telling to you want shouldn't be
but if you looked into what is done
you would join the vegan revolution

no one species is more important than another
we're all the same, sister and brother
we have no right to kill for fun and gain
there's no pleasure in creating pain

and you might say "well it's a cruel world"
but it's that attitude that makes it so
you could improve so many lives
but you're stuck believing what's wrong is right

how would you like it if i took from you
your mother, your brother and your sister too
killed them all for a penny or three
paid no respect to their right to be free

stop the mistreatment of all on earth
of man, mammal, fish and bird
let all the creatures great and small
live for live and that is all

i don't want any animals to be skinned
i don't want to take milk from the cow
don't take honey from the bee
i want every living thing to be free

you know that it's the right thing to do
because the animals are just like me and you
they feel happy and they feel sad
so do unto others as you'd have them do to you

so come aboard the vegan train
ride all over the worlds terrain
preach the words loud and clear
all life's important don't you hear


from Vegan #7, released November 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Ross Mayhew Devon, UK

Singer/songwriter from the South West of England.

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